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B&E Design Firm

B&E Design Firm

B&E Design Firm Earns Two Five-Star Clutch Reviews in Quick Succession

Since our foundation in 2019, we’ve been steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality. The recent acquisition of two five-star reviews on Clutch serves as a resounding affirmation of that principle.

These reviews not only validate the exceptional service we provide but also contribute significantly to our growing reputation. Their impact is vividly reflected in our recent recognition as one of the Top 100 Web Design Companies.

This acknowledgement underscores not only our dedication to quality but also the tangible outcomes that result from it.

We extend our gratitude to our valued clients for their trust and commendations. And we remain resolute in our pursuit of excellence, continuously aiming to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in the realm of web design.


Cupboards Need Attention Too

Our first client makes cupboards, and they do them well. But because of their niche market, they don’t get as much attention as they need to grow effectively. They wanted an established online presence that only comes with a professional-looking website.

We teamed up with the client, did a deep dive on what it was they were looking for. We worked together until we all shared a common vision for this project.

The project flowed smoothly, and we made sure to keep up communication and transparency with our client. We have always believed that all projects are important, regardless of their size.

It was important for both parties to establish the needs and expectations of the project and keep ourselves on track by regularly updating the client on our progress.

If something strayed too far from what they wanted, they could give us notice before letting the design go too far.

This all resulted in a website that met their business needs and desired look, as well as giving them much-needed credibility and an increase in their business at launch.


Homestays Need to be Found First

Our second client was a homestay that needed better exposure as well as a professional channel to facilitate bookings.

They so happened to find us through word of mouth, and our knowledge and experience with the required tools and methods were what convinced them to contact us.

They wanted the full package of research, graphics and copywriting, photography, and SEO. That’s exactly what we gave them.

As soon as we were done with their website, the client reported having received two bookings as a result of our latest five-star review.

These two reviews show only the briefest glimpse of what we can do for our clients. There were a lot of things that went unsaid and are much better experienced firsthand.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business grow, contact us today. We are more than happy to help, and we can get started on your project as soon as possible.


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Kenji Suwanthong
Kenji Suwanthong
Kenji Suwanthong stands out as a dedicated digital marketing professional, with a deep-seated commitment to reshaping the business environment for local enterprises. He is on a mission to dismantle preconceived notions about digital marketing, earning himself a spot as a reliable and innovative figure in the sector. Kenji’s extensive research background and varied skill set enable him to devise customized digital marketing plans that help small businesses not only stay competitive but also excel in their market. His unique and impactful approach to digital marketing stems from a combination of his expertise and a steadfast dedication to uplifting local businesses. As a forward-thinking leader in this domain, Kenji constantly seeks out new ways to apply technology and harness data to advance small businesses. His enthusiasm for continuous learning and development ensures his clients are always at the forefront, maximizing advanced tools and methodologies. Kenji’s commitment to client success, coupled with his authentic drive to support local businesses in their growth, establishes him as an invaluable contributor to the digital marketing sphere.

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